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My artwork stems from my fascination with action and reaction. I focus on the basic questions of how and why events happen in the world around us, and how people perceive or react to these occurrences. No two people on this planet observe in exactly the same way. I observe and process what is around me by comparing one thing to another; an entity is not only by the parts that make it unique but also by the elements that make it similar to other objects. This can apply to people just as readily as physical items, or even abstract concepts such as values. My work uses these ideas as a starting point to explore what I come across in my life.


I work predominantly in photography, intermittently exploring other mediums such as drawing and video. While I am characteristically an avid planner, I look at the flexibility of my medium as continuation into my interest in ‘cause and effect’. As I work, I allow my projects to affect my medium choices and me. 

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